Anchoring script for school annual result day

Saif Ullah Zahid
Here is English script (you can translate is into Urdu according to your need) for annual day (result day) of the school. It is PDF file. if you need Word file just email me at; and I will Email to you. 

Comparing script in Urdu for School Function

This script will also give you ideas about stage activities to be performed on annual day.
Along a good script, you have to prepare yourself for the event hosting. You must see some important things that can give success to your anchoring. I have written some tips to prepares for this event. You might study these tips here before your download the script.

Anchoring script in English pdf download

It is just a screen shot here. Please click the download/view button below to download the file

Anchoring script for college school annual result day

You may also like to download "Funny News Script in Urdu" for a nice contribution to your school annual day

Here is another script for College Welcome Party Function..

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