5 secure and high-status careers for girls in Pakistan 2015

Saif Ullah Zahid
We are living in the age of science and technology. Our concept about life and relations has significantly changed. We are now more open minded and critical. We have started to believe that, socially, women are of the same worth as the men are. More girls are enrolled in universities and colleges. They are competing with the men in every field. This is not only due to the growing economic competition but it is also owing to the global trend that the independent and strong woman in the society can contribute to the economy and development of a nation. But being influenced by ancient traditional dominance of men, Pakistan has not accomplished much to make women more independent and strong. 

The employment of women is still considered a bad thing in many families. The reason behind this dismal situation is again the traditional typical attitude of men towards women. The people still think that a working woman may have a bad character because she spends most of her time in men co-workers. This notion is as real as our raw thoughts. 

I have seen many successful girls who have been working for the years and still have an excellent personal character. They have learnt to speak against the wrong. They have been dealing with the unwanted things in their lives boldly and decently. And I came to know about many girls who had never seen outside of the house but they shamelessly played with the honor of their families. So, it depends upon the type of girl you have brought up.

Harassment on public places and on workplace is the thing every woman may face. But there are many professions and careers which offer a well esteemed status to a well educated woman. There are many businesses that a woman can do independently with no objection from anyone.

Here is a list of eight jobs/careers which are safe and secure for women..

1. Teaching

As a graduate, and if you are competent and intelligent, you can make a difference with the lives of your students. Study a professional course for the teaching like B. Ed, M. Ed and Masters in education etc. But even if you have a master’s degree in any discipline, you can become a lecturer in a private or government high school or college. Having been employed teacher in government school is the best thing for a woman. If you are a successful teacher, you can earn upto 30,000 Rs per month just by tuition and part time teaching. 

2. Banking

Banking is also a prestigious career for a woman. You can go forward to the branch manager level if you stick to your path. Banks are place where there is no risk of harassment. You are sitting on your chair doing your work. There are times when you even don’t get a single moment to casually talk to your co-workers. This is how banks keep you active and busy. No one would disturb you against your will.

3. Media field

You can choose to become an anchor, an artist, a newscaster, a reporter etc. Choose mass communication as your field of study and go chasing your dreams. There are many fields of performing art. You can become a script writer, story writer, actor, designer, director etc. Media a secure field for girls but I am not sure about film industry or showbiz. If you have craze to become an actress or a star, you may use your femininity to go up as the men will always be waiting for such an offer from you. So, I will not take it as a secure career for women.

4. Creative Writer

Have writing skills? This is best career for you. There are millions of people who want someone to write creative things for them and they give money in return. There are millions of students who will ask others to make their assignments in turn of cash. There are many entrepreneurs who are in search of writers who would write content for their business. Many marketing companies are searching for content writers. You can also compose your e-books and sell them online. 

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5. Law

If you have passed L.L.B, you have done a great job. Law is considered a reliable and secure field for women. You can now practice at local courts. Make your name, continue your struggle and aim at a high status. Being s lawyer, a judge or a public prosecutor is considered highly prestigious job. Go and fight for the rights of the innocent people. It will also help you build many professional and informal social links which is sign of power and fame.

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