6 traits of a successful teacher-what would you do to become an extraordinary teacher

Saif Ullah Zahid

What qualities make you an effective teachers? A successful teacher is one who is liked by every student. There might be some other indicators of success for a teacher. Grades of the students and satisfaction of the students, school management and of parents are important indicators in this regard. But teaching is a multidimensional phenomenon, it cannot be judged by a single indicator. 
Here are some qualities that a teacher should show...

1. He/She is well prepared.

Before you enter your class room to deliver a lecture, you must be mindful of what you are going to teach today. You should have prepared the lesson well. You have got the latest knowledge about the topic to be taught in today’s lecture. You have created some examples form daily life. You have dressed nicely. You are looking professional. You have all necessary stationary with you. Keep your moral high and greet the students warmly as you enter the classroom. A good teacher keeps his/her knowledge up-to-date. He/she is satisfied about his/her level of understanding of the lesson.

2. He/She is creative and innovative.

A successful teacher employs interactive tools and techniques that make the learning an interesting activity for the students. Never compromise on quality. No matter how many other tuition centers are there in your locality, make yourself prominent by using interactive teaching techniques. Engage your students in creativity and interactive learning. Employ innovation in your teaching method. Use some humorous sentences to refresh the energy concentration of your students.

3. He/She understands and respects his/her students.

A successful teacher is one who understands the feelings and situations of his/her students. He/she is never authoritative to the students. Just be cooperative and listen to your students. Give them nice advice and show your interest in them. Spend some time with them while listening their problems and giving them suggestions. Try to remember the name of every student and call them by their names. Never ignore any student whenever he/she require your attention. I have come across many teachers who enjoy their dominance over their students. They keep them under pressure. As a result, the students do not argument before them but they don’t respect such type of teachers. So, respect your students if you want to be respected by heart.

4. He/she loves teaching.

Teaching is not a task to be performed as a formality. A teacher can teach in a real sense if he/she loves to teach. The matter of gaining respect from students is much more desirable than the matter of earning money from the students. So, just  love to influence the soft brains which are going to influence the world.

5. He/she model of character for the society.

Believe me, if you want to have more students, you have to win the trust of the parents. And if you want to win the trust of the parents, you will show them best of your characters. Parents believe that the influence of the teacher on the behavior and attitude of the students matters a lot. They will not send their kids to the person who is not good at character. They are very careful in this regard. So if you want to have more students, show your softness and flexibility to the world. Show your decent temperaments. Your students will not like you if they find any negative thing in your character. So, learn to be a nice man/woman first.

6. He/she achieve his/her teaching goals

Planning a lesson and setting its goals is an essential trait of successful teacher. Keep in mind the long term goal of your syllabus. Help the students in getting good grades; help them make study plan, help them understand the idea of the lesson, tell them about examination pattern and make them do practice on this pattern. Encourage learning through various means. Boost up the performance of your students by organizing class competitions etc.

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