A list of 10 apps recommended for Every college student 2015

Saif Ullah Zahid

College is a type of place what you make it yourself. For me, college is a place of fun and delight. Many of our students tell about their college experience with a quite dull way. Don’t worry you may have a look at “10 useful tips for students enteringcollege” to get you prepared for the life at college. And then let me tell you about 10 apps that are really useful for college students.

There are thousands of educational apps that benefit the teachers and the student in one or the other way but I know you have no time to look for such apps and choose the best from the thousands. It time taking activity. I have done this for you. This list is only for college students as they may take more advantage of these apps. These apps will help them boos up their productivity and learning.

If I have missed any important app in this list, please let me know in the comments…

Dictionary.com: The Dictionary.com app is a must-have for any student, not just those studying languages. It makes you more confident about your vocabulary. You can run a simple search on your mobile and lo, here is the word, pronunciation, meaning, explanation and its usage. During your lecture, when words are flying over your head, this app will help you pick the sense. You can also integrate Thesaurus.com to have real taste of every assignment you make.

Googel Drive or Dropbox: Without organized and safe documents and notes, you may not be able to prepare well for the exams. You need a safe and secure place where you can store your documents and access them easily from anywhere. Both Dropbox and Google Drive give you free space for storing your documents online. You can handle your documents, photos and videos in one accessible place whether you are in college, relaxing in your dorm room or visiting your parents at home. I prefer Google Drive over Dropbox for its more space and nice control. You can have 12 GB free space and you can purchase more unlimited space at low rate. You can Email your files to others directly from your Google Drive.

Mint: Mint will help you keep track of your spending to help your analyze your financial manipulation. I know that college students have limited disposable income which means you need to budget so you don’t run out of cash at the end of the month. The Mint app links up with your bank account so you can track your finances to account for your spending. You can even set reminders for your bills so you won’t have to pay any late fees.

Mathway: It may not look like a beauty queen but Mathway has the mental power to solve your maths questions and remove the guesswork. You can choose from various mathematical functions from algebra to calculus and everything in between. Don’t get lazy! Mathway can confirm your answer but don’t rely on it for every question you attempt. We recommend that you work out an answer first before inputting it into the handy maths app.

Kindle: Turn your mobile device into a book with the Kindle reading app. Whether you’re spending your time reading books for pleasure or you’re desperately trying to deconstruct research papers for a class project, the Kindle app can take digital reading to the next level. Possibly the best feature is the ability to highlight and look-up the definition of words using the built-in dictionary. Save yourself countless Google searches!

Scientific Calculator: Scientific Calculator is a must have app for every student whether he/she is studying in any discipline. You come across quantities on daily basis. You have to deal with huge facts and figures, formulas, scripts, chemical balancing etc. SO, scientific calculator will enable you to solve your maths with confident without worrying of carrying calculator along.

RescueTime: Cash is one of two things you’ll never have enough of in college. Time is the other. By learning to use an app like RescueTime to manage your time, you’ll be making sure you get things done. RescueTime is a terrific app for keeping track of how you spend your time, and helping you avoid distractions," says Goad, adding that he often recommends this app to the students he works with.

Evernote: Evernote is the one of the best notes taking apps know to date. It is also a must have for every student.  You can create notebooks to store your research in, whether it’s bits and pieces from web sites or handwritten notes you can store and categorize them all in Evernote. Then when you’re ready to sit down and write that paper, all of the information is there at your fingertips.

Easy Voice Recorder: This app can be used everywhere you want to record spoken words. You may want to record the whole lecture, or the proceedings of a workshop, or a debate competition or anything that interests you are inspire you. So, Easy Voice Recorder will help you record the voice on the spot and you will be making textual note later in your room.

RefMe: RefMe is an amazing app that provides you the references of books, journals and research papers. You can just take a scan of the book or journal’s bar code and get a nicely formatted bibliography entry, in one of 6,500 referencing styles.

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