Effective Study Techniques to Prepare for Final Exams

Saif Ullah Zahid
As the exams draw near, the stress and pressure feels to be mounted on you as a college student. I used to have the same feelings when I was a college student. But preparing for your exams in a better, planned and effective way is key to success even in short time. So, don’t take stress, get ready to get good grades. I have put to this blog the best experiences form students who have always made a mark at the college.

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Now let me tell you all the techniques one by one.

Never take pressure: 

You don’t need to hurry. Study according to your capacity and stamina. I think 20-25 minutes of full concentration are enough. Then take an interval giving yourself time to compose your energy. Do not cram. Try to understand the concept and expand your learning over time because the things learnt in quick way may left your brain in the same quick way.

Pay Attention to your food: 

research shows that some type of food has direct and immediate effect on our mental performance. So be cautious in oyur eating habits. Never let your stomach feel any problem. If your stomach is OK then you are OK too. Never miss your breakfast and supper. Eating a healthy snack is very beneficial and can make a significant difference (almonds, fruit, and yogurt are good choices). high-carb, high-fiber, slow-digesting foods like oatmeal are best (oatmeal is more fulfilling than cereal).

Change your study spots:

If you study at the same place for long time, you may feel bored or your concentration is lost very soon. Studies suggest that change in atmosphere can change the performance of the student just like a teacher changes the seating plan of the students if they are not performing well in the class. So , try to have a calm and peaceful place.

Mange your time: 

Cramming causes anxiety, which lowers your ability to retain information. By creating a balanced study plan and schedule, you will be able to study each subject in its entirety and ultimately boost your test performance.

Avoid sleeplessness: 

Take complete sleep. Never compromise on sleep time even if you have to lose something important in return. Study shows that less sleep directly and negatively affects the mental productivity of the students. Don’t keep studying late at night. Make a flexible and easy timetable instead. If you don’t care for your sleep, I am sure you will get even lower grades due to your cognitive and reasoning impair.

Take your tests: 

check yourself if you have covered a topic. You may have thought highlighting, re-reading and summation would be effective ways to study. Think again!  A 2013 study, Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques, found that these techniques do not consistently boost students’ performance. Practice testing through the use of flashcards, or taking practice exams was observed to be a highly effective studying technique.

Take Exercise: 

Study have proved that there is a strong link between physical fitness and mental performance. Exercise, whether it is walking, dancing, jumping etc, can help your reduce stress and refreshes your stamina. So this is very important in your educational life. 

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