How to Add a Notification for Cookies for European Union Countries-A Guide for Blogger Blogspot

Saif Ullah Zahid
Google’s service blogger has sent notification to all blogger’s users about showing information on cookies. European union laws are strict about the cookies to indicate which cookies are stored. Also using google analytics and google adsense script cause for it, so if you are using these it’s mandatory to let visitors know which information you stores.

This is a sad news for non-professional users. Let me tell you how you can make this happen easily...

It's very easy. I have installed this notification as you can see on the top right side of this page. And if you are worried about how you will make a Cookies Policy like I have done, You can copy my policy and make it your own by changing the name of the blog where necessary.. enjoy... :)

Click on "Create a Widget" as shown in the picture below

Sign up for free if you are a new user. Login to the website and fill in the required information about your blog..

Click on “Create Widget” that’s all…

Follow the instruction to put the code into your blog. It’s quite easy. Just copy the code and insert new

Widget in the footer of your blog, select “HTML/Java Script” and paste the code in the box and save…

For any query, please free to contact through the contact form below...

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