How would you Choose your Major in College- A Short Guide for the Students

Saif Ullah Zahid
Have you finished schooling? I hope you have really enjoyed your schooling, and in some subjects, you might have got nice grades. Actually you loved your school life for one or the other reason. And that reason may help you choose a major in college.
Well now it's time to choose your major in college, and you are trying to choose the right one.

Well I know you are trying many things to get to know the right choice of major that suits your abilities and native talent. OK, let me give you some advice on it.
Think back on school life, the major achievements and the charm of various subjects. Which were you most interested in? Did you enjoyed and loved mathematics? Have you been prominent in sports? Are you a lover of Biology? Think back and you will get the answer to the question that is driving you here and there.

Think about the type of assignments that interested you at school. Think about which subject came easily to you while others always hated it. I mean of all this is that you should explore your interests. Just follow your interests while choosing a major at college. If you are not sure, continue studying this post…

Visit a Career Counselor for guidance

Why don’t you go straight to college’s career counselor? He/she will definitely help you choose right major as they use various personality tests and assessment tools for this purpose. Through them, you can get off-the-record information such as which curriculum require the most reading and which professors are the most fun. When it comes time for crafting a resume, career counselors can also help you present your college major as an asset for your targeted career field.

In addition, your career center or academic department of interest should have a list of alumni who’ve gone through the department and what they’re doing today. Can you see yourself in their shoes one day? If so, get connected with your college’s alumni mentoring program.

Test-Drive Before Choosing a Major in College

Why not sit in on a few classes? Or better yet, consider landing an internship, even if you have to work for free. It’s an opportunity to explore a field without a long-term commitment.

Keep Your Options Open

If you’re still undecided or think you might change your major, it’s best to enroll in a college with a variety of solid programs. That way, you won’t have to change universities if you decide to switch college majors.

Acceptance into certain programs can be competitive. If you’re interested in, say, journalism, and know that enrollment is limited, pick journalism as your college major. Should you change your mind, it’ll be easier to transfer out of journalism than to transfer in.

That said, keep in mind that there are multiple avenues to most careers. Consider your long-term goals, but when choosing a major in college, also make sure that’ll get you through the next four years. If you’ll be going on to graduate school, you can always take post-baccalaureate classes in order to meet the admission requirements. For example, medical schools accept candidates from any major. Ultimately, employers are more concerned with your skill set than with the title of your degree.

Anyway here is another source which can tell you about suitable major for you. surveys your grades and personal preferences, and then generates a list of college majors you may want to consider. Click on a major for a description of what you can do with it, and for links to more info, relevant university departments, and books on the subject.

Quintessential Careers shows you how the Internet, a powerful college major finder, can assist you in your search.

After all, you have to lead yourself. So, once you choose a major, build your full interest in it and go deep into it. Every discipline is something new to give you. Enjoy the discoveries as they come to you…
But listen, I am sure you are going to attend a college… 

Best of luck for college life…

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