Seven Bollywood Movies Every Teacher Must Watch

Saif Ullah Zahid
The following list of eight Bollywood Hindi movies is recommended to every teacher. The movies carry inspirational messages and many lessons to learn as a teacher. If you are a teacher, I would recommend you watch this list of movies to get inspiration, motivation and thought provoking lessons. These movies cover the issues of students, teachers, educational institutions, student-teacher relationships, and overall issues of our education system in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. I have given a link to watch these movies online.

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Three Idiots (2009)

Casting Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor and central roles, this movie shows us how the typical traditional attitude and authoritative behavior of teachers leads the students to suicide and distress. They do not grow into creative professionals. The movie also tells us what the real outcome of education is. I love this movie for its amazing and thrilling plot and acting of all the actors.

Paathshaala (2010)

A very inspirational movie that makes you love your students. The movie shows how educational institutions suffer due to involvement of politics and business in the name of so-called School-Management. The movie also shows student-teacher relationships and how the issues of students call upon the attention of the teacher and what they do for their students. The movie has an emotional end that gives an optimistic touch to our lives.

Taare Zameen Par (2007)

With Amir Khan as basic role, this movie is considered one of the best on our educational system. The movie tells us that nobody is less than others in native talent. Every student has something unique and it’s the duty of the teachers to explore that uniqueness and provide the students with an atmosphere where they can test their uniqueness and become stars.

Stanley Ka Dabba (Stanley’s Tiffin Box) 2011

This is really a great movie in terms of student-teacher relationship and understanding. The movie shows the challenges that the students face due to incompetent and conventional teachers. This movies show how every students has a special place in the school. No one should be neglected by the teacher just for apparent behavior.

Mr. Holland’s Opus

It is very inspirational Hindi movie that focuses on the dilemma of a new teacher. The movie show how the school management sticks to the old fashion teaching style. It discourages the innovation and creativity. The competent teachers still win the hearts of the students. This is the story of such teacher.

Hostel (2011)

Hostel 2011 is a movie that will make you cry on the hostel situation in our educational institutions. The movie shows the element of horror and discomfort at the college hostels. The basic idea of this movie is how illegal ragging irritates the new students what they can do in return. The teachers who do not consider them responsible to check these things are actually the main responsible for all this. The movie has a thought provoking end.

Black (2005)

This movie tells us that nothing is impossible for a teacher. He can give life to dead students if he wants. It is the story of determination of a teacher.

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You may also like to know about "Seven Bollywood Movies Every College Student Must Watch"

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