Top eight business ideas with little investment for women in Pakistan 2015

Saif Ullah Zahid

‘Entrepreneur’ is a term used for those individuals who have their own successful business, big or small. Majority of the entrepreneurs in Pakistan is men. A few women have started their own business. There are many reasons for which the culture of women entrepreneurship is not prevailing in Pakistan; women are economically weak, they have low literacy rate, parents do not allow their daughters to start business, male society have negative outlook for the entrepreneur girls, women do not know well about the existing opportunities for them, and much more. If you are a woman, and want to start your own business, you are really a great woman. 

Self employed women are more confident, more powerful, more visionary, more professional, more critical and lovelier in terms of social qualities. Timidity and shyness are no more preferable things. Be in yourself and stick to your ambition. Work hard and prove yourself. I am sure the people who are doubtful about you, will see you with proud. They will give your examples to their descendants.

Are you ready to take the plunge? I have compiled a list of secure businesses with very small investment so that you can start your business without any difficulty. I have given brief instructions for you against every business so that you may understand how you can start that business.

1. Start an academy/school/tuition center

If you have a graduate degree and sound intellect, teaching is a good choice for you. You can start teaching the children in your home. Just ask your neighbors to send their children to your home for tuition. Tell your friends about your teaching class. Tell everyone and gather more students. But let me tell you one thing. You will end up with your struggle if you don’t focus on quality. Keep in mind that parental satisfaction and good grades of your students are the first thing that will make you popular.

Once you get popular in your locality and you have sufficient number of students, you can reserve a separate room or portion of your home to start a regular academy. Then you can hire a building to start school later when you are earning a handsome income.

2. Start a boutique

If you have sewing skills and you can sew fancy dresses neatly, why don’t you start your own boutique? Don’t worry about so many boutiques already established. The thing again is your uniqueness. Let me give you a tip; use internet for latest dress designs and fashion trends, look at fashion magazine pages. If you are able to produce a nice and attractive dress, the customers will automatically attract to your work. And another thing is that do pay attention to the needs of your specific customers. Always be polite and have smiling face; that’s the need of business. Build strong market links and referral mechanism to get more work order.

You do not need a big show room in the start of your business. Just start it from your own. Sew clothes for yourself, then for your family members, then for your relatives, neighbors and friends. Then display your work in your own bedroom. Invite your friends and relatives to your small collection of beautiful dresses. Similarly grow your fans and you will have a nice market one day. Then you will be able to get a big shop to display your work.

Embroidery is your plus point if you know it yourself. Your embroidery work will attract more customers

3. Open a beauty salon

If you can make beautiful Mehndi designs and hair dressing, you are able to open your own beauty salon. Start free Mehndi services. Your friends will definitely pass on the message of your skills to other people. Similarly start make up services to your friends and relatives. Make hair designs of your sisters and mother and relatives. Once you get popular, start receiving fee of your services. Start your won beauty salon form your home corner. Once you are well known in the locality and if you have creative approach and talent, you will see your customers sitting in a queue waiting for their turn.

4. Sell your handicrafts

If you have any handicraft skills like making frames, wooden articles, paper show pieces, hand fans, cloth printing, straw articles etc, then don’t waste more time in planning. Just start selling you articles from home. You can also sell these things online through Facebook and through online stores like amazon, shopify, and These websites offer you free services. You just need to create and account and post your products with pictures, details and price. 

These sites get small commission on every sale. They also promote your products on the internet so that more and more people could see your store. It increases your sales and market.

Otherwise you can make beautiful articles and show them to your friends and relatives. Offer cheap rates and discount in the start. There are special Bazaars like Friday Bazaar, Sunday Bazaar, etc which held on specific days on weekly basis. Exhibit your products there and you will be earning on the very first day.

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5. Open a day care center

Day care center is a nice idea for those who are well experienced with babysitting. Open a day care center at your home. Tell your neighbors about your plans and convince them to let their baby stay at your day care center while they go on job. Read more things from the internet about day care centers. Win the trust of the parents and expend your services to other nearby families. Once you are known to small number of parents, they will bring you more. Then involve other girls like you and establish a professional day care center.

6. Start you own website/blog

If you love writing and you have plenty of free time start your own website or blog today. Start writing about the topics you love and know much about. Write on your favorite topics and promote your blog/website. Write quality content which is useful for the readers…. 

Read more about how to write quality posts for your blog

Once you started stick to it. Give your time and attention. Write more and more posts. Link your best posts on Facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and other social media sites. Get more visitors to your site/blog. This is very good business but it requires more effort and sacrifice. Once your blog/website is at good ranking in search engines, you can start advertising on your website/blog and earning money. Once your website has specific number of visitors per day, you can make money with your website by many methods… 

7. Buy and Sell on eBay

If you use have sound knowledge of computer and internet, you can start your business of resale. You can sign up for the sites like eBay and purchase and sell the goods online. For this, you just need to build links with those who sell their goods on these sites. You will purchase those things in reasonable price and you will sell those things again on the internet. You can post ads on various websites that offer used things for sale. This is very useful business and requires no investment. 

There are many other businesses that give you more profit but they need huge investment and require professional or technical knowledge..

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