5 Ugly Ways That Students Use to Get Good Grades in Academic Assignments

Saif Ullah Zahid
We have heard a lot about cheating in exams and we all know well what cheating is. Cheating is often referred as bringing an illegal material in the examination hall. We cannot simply ignore the work that is not done under exams conditions. We can call it cheating in academic assignments.
The students are to prepare many pieces of academic work like presentations, scholarly articles, thesis, and essays and so on.

We all know well the principles of preparing piece of academic work. We are not allowed to copy the content of other authors as it to our academic assignments and presenting this content as our own. All assessed and non-assessed work must be aligned with these rules and principles.

The students, as part of their academic assignment preparation, play on these rules and their teachers as well. The use many unfair mean but I have listed the most common five means below.

1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism means to steal the ideas or work of other person and present is as your own in academic assignment. It is the most common and widely used dirty method that students use to get their assignments passed. Plagiarism may be intentional or unintentional. 

The students often cut-paste and copy-paste the content from other books, articles, websites, magazines and journals etc. They sometimes rephrase the content but it is still plagiarism even you acknowledge the source. The spirit of academic assignments is that you prepare them in your own words with your own ideas.

2. Submitting purchased or custom-built work

This is very serious academic offence that students frequently make. It is also a form of plagiarism. It means the students pay some money to others to make them their assignments or part of assignments.

There are many ‘shining’ students who offer their services for writing others’ assignment in return of money. Sometimes, all for getting money or for friendship, mere they even their own assignments to other students. This is the dirty politics that students play with the examiners.

3. Double Submission

As the heading suggests, double submission means submitting an assignment that was already submitted to any other professor or other department. It is also called self plagiarism. It is dirty way to get double credit for single assignment.

4. Collusion

It means where two or more people work together to produce a piece of work, all or part of which is then submitted by each of them as their own individual work. This includes passing on work in any format to another student. It is also an ugly way to get the fake credit and grades. Anyhow the collusion does not occur where students involved in group work are encouraged to work together to produce a single piece of work as part of the assessment process.

Fallacious Practical Work

It means the practical work or any assignment that requires the production of something new or involves experiment. The students may get ready made things presenting as their own creations.

I think there should be many other ways that students employ to cheat on their teachers. What you say?

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