8th class English Ready Made Test Papers, Objectives, Grammar, Subjective, PEC

Saif Ullah Zahid

Subject: English                                                                                                  M. Marks: 15

Class: 8th                                                                                                                 Time: 25 mins

Name:__________________________________ Roll No.___________________

Choose the correct option for every statement.
1. Karachi is ______________ than Lahore.
a. big                              b. bigger                     c. more bigger                d. biggest
2. He is ___________artist.
       a.  a                                  b. an                           c. the                                 d. of
      3. The students are _________________ the sums.
       a. solving                      b. solve                       c. solved                           d. has solved
       4. The birds were flying ____________________ the trees.
       a. Under                        b. in                             c. on                                   d. over
       5. His honesty is above board. The underlined word is
       a. Collective noun     b. abstract noun       c. material noun            d. proper noun
       6. Naima is not involved in this matter. She told me________________.
        a. herself                     b. himself                   c. yourself                        d. themselves
       7. The word which shows an action is called
        a. noun                         b. adjective                c. verb                               d. article
       8. The students are sitting in the room. The underlined word in this sentence is a/an
        a. article                       b. noun                        c. preposition                 d. adjective
      9. The correct sentence of ‘Present Perfect Tense’ is
        a. We learnt this lesson.                 b. We are learning this lesson.           
        c. We has learnt this lesson.         d. We have leant this lesson.             
      10. The government will not raise the price of petrol. This is a sentence of
       a. future indefinite   b. future continuous     c. future perfect    d. present indefinite
      11. The word which is used in place of a noun is called
       a. adverb                      b. proper noun               c. pronoun              d. verb
      12. Qasim went to Dubai to
       a. study             b. see his parents             c. see his uncle                d. see his brother
     13. The old man put all his money (The Forgetful Man)
      a. into the bag           b. into a drawer                c. in the bank          d.  into a hole
     14. The earth
    a.  is stationary           b. revolves round the sun       
    c. revolves round the moon           d. none of these
     15. The word with correct spellings is
    a. Teliphone                b.  Telephon                       c.  Telefon                d.  Telephone


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