Teachers Guide for Teaching Methods-Post No.2. How inappropriate behavior of teacher influences the personality of a student

Saif Ullah Zahid

If the teachers is not sincere with his/her duty or he/she is using a wrong teaching method, it not only influence the educational performance of the students but it also manipulate the emotional, psychological, social and even physical growth of the student. These effects mostly remain in the life of the students for the whole life. 

If good behavior of a teacher directs the life of the student in a good direction, the negative behavior of the teachers can also have devastating effects on student’s life. That is why it is said that the character of teacher is of great significance for the students. So, teachers should consider the importance of their students in every matter. If the behavior of teacher is not normal toward the students then:

1. The educational performance e of the students is affected and they start hating the learning and they become truant.

2. It has negative impact on their thinking and psychology and they are unable to shake it off in their lives.

3. The children of today will for the society of tomorrow. If they are not decently educated, the society of tomorrow will be affected which may take years to be corrected.

4. Many types of psychological and emotional troubles are produced for the students.

5. Their curiosity and desire to explore dies out.

6. It gives birth to the sense of failure and frustration in the students they grow into pessimists.

7. The school becomes an unfavorable place for them they feel sense of loneliness and boredom in school.

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