A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed-English Stories for Matric and First Year Students

Saif Ullah Zahid


Once there lived two friends in a village. They were fast friends. They were unemployed. They planned to go to city in search of employment. They promised to help each other through thick and thin. They set out on a nice afternoon.
On their way, they had to pass a deep forest. While they were passing the forest, they saw a bear coming towards them. They were in a fix. One of them knew how to climb a tree. He instantly ran up a tree. The other did not know what to do. There was nobody to help him. He was in trouble.
The bear was reaching close. He was to decide quickly. Suddenly he remembered that the bears do not harm the dead. He held his breath and lay down on the ground motionless. The bear came to him and sniffed at him. The bear was convinced that he was dead. The beast left him unharmed and passed away.
When the bear was away, the friend on the tree came down. He asked his friend what the bear had said in his ear. He told that the bear had advised him not to trust a selfish friend. He then diverged his way from his friend.

Moral Lesson: A friend in need is a friend indeed


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