A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing - English Stories with moral lessos for Students

Saif Ullah Zahid

      A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing Story

Knowledge is power. But the power lies in complete knowledge and practice. A little knowledge is rather a dangerous thing. This story will prove that.
On a hot summer noon, some camel men stayed beneath a bunch of tree for some rest. They set their camel to graze. One of the camels entered the melon field and stated eating melons. By chance, a melon got jammed in the camel’s throat. The animal began to make noise. When the owner of the camel saw it, he understood the matter at once. He got a blanket and wrapped it on the neck of the camel and hit it hard with a wooden mallet. The melon broke and the camel swallowed it easily.

A man who happened to pass by them was watching all this process. He thought that the man had cured the goiter of the camel. He was happy to learn the treatment of the goiter. In next village, he introduced himself as a physician who could treat the goiter. The villagers presented an old woman for the treatment of goiter. Her throat was dangerously swollen.
The man asked for a blanket and a mallet. The villagers provided the two things. He wrapped the blanket around the neck of the old woman and hit her hard with mallet on her neck. As the result of hard blow, the poor woman instantly expired. The villagers caught the quack and handed him over the police. He was sent to prison for his little knowledge.

Moral: A Little Knowledge is Dangerous Thing. 

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