As You Sow, So Shall You Reap - English Story with Moral Lesson

Saif Ullah Zahid

            As You Sow, So Shall You Reap (TIT FOR TAT) Full Story 

Once there was a time a camel and a jackal became fast friends. They used to wander together on the bank of the river. They helped each other in finding food. One day, there was shortage of food in their area. The camel suggested going to the other side of the river in search of food. The jackal agreed. The river was deep and wide. The jackal did not know how to swim. The camel asked him to get onto his back and they would cross the river.

Wading through the deep water, the camel reached the other bank. There was a melon field on that bank of the river. Both friends entered the field and began to eat melons with delight. The jackal was soon filled. He began to howl. The camel asked to stop this but the jackal told that howling after the hearty meal was his habit. Despite the request of the camel the jackal did not stop howling.
The owner of the melons reached and thrashed the camel with heavy bushy stick. The camel was hurt. They started their journey back to the other bank of the river. The jackal was enjoying his ride on the camel. When the camel reached in the middle of the river, he dived into the water. The jackal began to shout. He requested the camel no to do so. But the camel told that bathing after the hearty meal was his habit.
The camel dived deep and the jackal drowned into the river.

Moral: As you sow, so shall you reapTit for tat

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