letter to your father about you educational progress/ performance

Saif Ullah Zahid

   Write a letter to your father about you educational progress/ performance.

Examination Hall,
April 24, 2015

Dear father,
I received your letter a week ago. I felt your love and concern for me through your words. I am sorry for the delay. Actually I was busy in Second Term exams. I have finished it today.
I have worked hard. My performance in the exams is satisfactory. I hope I will come first in my class again. I am sure to get fee allowance if I am able to get A+ Grade in all the subjects. It’s all due to your prayers for me.
I never waste a moment. I make best use of my time here. I know you have great expectations from me. I will never disappoint you in your beliefs in me. You have invested your time and money in my studies. I know my responsibilities.
Keep me updated on special happenings in the village. I will come home on Uras of Baba Umar Din.
Salam to mother and love to little Maira
Your loving daughter,


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