letter to your friend condoling his/her mother’s death

Saif Ullah Zahid

   Write a letter to your friend condoling his/her mother’s death

Examination Hall,
September 24, 2015

Dear Friend,
I am shocked to hear the sad news of your mother’s death. I could not believe that at once. I am greatly grieved on this tragedy of your life. Mother is a blessing of God but the divine rules are absolute. We are unable to understand Allah’s plans.
She was a nice lady. She had a great heart. She was so social and loving. I can remember her soft and sweet dialect. She always loved me as her own son. She prayed for everyone and gave wise counsels to others.
Her death is such a loss as cannot be recompensed.  I advise you to bear this misfortune with patience. Set your goals of life and do not let her soul feel bad of you. Nothing but the time alone can soother your sorrow. All my sympathies are with you.
May her soul rest in peace
Yours sincerely,


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