The Dove and The Bee - English Stories for Matric and First years Students

Saif Ullah Zahid

      The Dove and The Bee (Kindness never goes Unrewarded)

Once a bee was drinking at a stream. Suddenly she slipped and fell into the water. Despite of hard struggle, she could not manage to come out of water. A dove was sitting on a nearby tree watching the whole scene. She thought of helping the bee. She broke a leaf from the tree and dropped it near the bee. The bee got on the leaf. Now his life was safe. The leaf reached the bank and the bee came out of water. The bee was thankful to the dove.
After some days a hunter came in forest and he saw the dove sitting on a tree. He aimed at her. Just as he was ready to fire, an insect stung on his hand and his aim was missed. Hearing the sound of fire, the dove flew away. The insect was the same bee which was saved by the dove. The bee had played her part in saving the life of dove.

Moral Lesson: Tit for tatKindness never goes unrewarded. 

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