Try Try Again- English Stories for Matric and First Year Students

Saif Ullah Zahid

     The King and the Spider Story

King Robert Bruce was defeated many times by the English army. He ran for his life and hid himself in hills. He was frustrated and helpless. He had lost all the hopes of victory. Now he wanted to have a peaceful death.
As he was lying in a cave, he saw a spider climbing the wall of the cave. It was trying to reach the ceiling of the cave. Whenever it reached just close to its destination, the insects fell down to the floor. It started again. This happened eight times. The King was watching this process curiously. The spider made ninth attempt and this time it reached its destination.
The king was moved by the consistency of the insect. It gave a new thought to King Robert Bruce. He had learnt that persistence is the secret of success. It gave courage to the King and he decided to face the enemy with more determination. He got back and organized his army. He fought a final battle with a belief in his fate. This time he won the battle.

Moral Lesson: Try, Try againNo pain no gains


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