How to prepare your first speech- some tips

Saif Ullah Zahid

Speech Writing Tips

You develop an added advantage in life, if you are a gifted public speaker and know how to write a speech in a well manner and organized way. Preparing your first speech is a dramatic sensational thing that might be of great worth.
You can develop great speech power with some effort, consistency and courage. 

Besides the rules of good English, one needs to understand what the audience would like to hear without getting bored. Although the audience invariably hates reading a prepared text, they like a speech, which is prepared. In other words even for an extempore speech, one should carefully prepare the speech and plan properly. It should not distract and divert from the given subject and should maintain the continuity. It should be full of substance but not so much of tiring statistics. It should be wholesome but not too academic and complex. It is always the simple which establishes a report with the listener.

Steps to follow

  1. Focus on the subject. Ponder over the purpose of the speech.
  2. Prepare key points in a clear and logical sequence.
  3. Stick to the time available. Be economical with your words and sentences.
  4. Do not be repelitic, 'unless something is too important.
  5. Do not use ''Written English'' but 'Conversational English.
  6. Relate beginning of your speech with the end.
  7. Avoid use of Jargons, slangs and superfluous words.
  8. Give a dash of humour, relevant to the topic. Quotations, poetry lines and idioms can be   used provided they are timely and do not break the continuity of the speech. 
  9. Never be offensive and critical of the individuals. Restrain your criticism, even if it is too essential. Sandwich your critical points between two layers of praise.
  10. Be a little dramatic, but not at the expense of correction

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