Correction Exercise English Grammar- Nouns

Saif Ullah Zahid

Correction exercise (Noun)

Correct the following sentences.

(i) I need a ten rupees note. 
I need a ten rupee note.
(ii) He ran three hundred meters race. 
He ran three hundred meter race.
(iii) He has ten heads of cattle. 
He has ten head of cattle.
(iv) He has given up his study. 
He has given up his studies.
(v) I took pain in my work. 
I took pains in my work.
(vi) He gave order to release him.
He gave orders to release him.
(vii) He gave me many advices. 
He gave me many pieces of advice.
(viii) I have many works to do. 
I have many pieces of work to do.
(ix) The chair's leg is broken. 
The leg of chair is broken.
(x) What is this book's price?
What is the price of this book? 


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