English Stories for 1st year PDF Download

Saif Ullah Zahid
This an E-Book contains stories for students of 9th class and 1st year exams in Pakistan. The book contains the following 17 stories of proper length and words count according to the need of the students for the said examinations.

9th class English Stories Notes

These Stories are also important for 1st year class 11 students. So, the 1st year Students can learn these English stories for exams as well. 

Here is the complete book containing the above stories. You will find it very helpful. Simple and easy language is the uniqueness of this E-book. Download PDF.

Now you can download English stories notes for 1st year in pdf here. 

1st year English Stories Notes pdf download

You can also download 1st year Stories one-by-one by clicking on the name of the story above. But you can still download 1st year English notes for All Punjab boards and Federal board.

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