Look Before You Leap Story- Matric and Intermediate students

Saif Ullah Zahid
A hunter had a very faithful dog. The dog had special attachment to the hunter. He had saved him from wild animals many times. On day the hunter’s wife was not at home and he had to go out for hunting leaving his five years old son alone at home in the watch of the dog. His son was too young for the hunter to take him along to the hunting.

During his absence, a wolf entered the house and made its way to baby’s room. He was to kill the baby when the dog sprang upon him and the both had a hard fight. In the long run, the dog killed the beast and saved the baby from any harm.

When the hunter returned in the evening, the dog met him at the door. He saw dog’s snout red with blood. As usual, the dog started licking his feet. The hunter entered the house and saw more smudges of blood in the yard. He thought the dog had killed the child. He flew into a rage, picked his gun and shot the dog dead.

On entering the baby’s room, he found his child safe and sound. A dead wolf was lying by his side. The man realized his mistake. He felt very sorry for what he had done but it was no use crying over spilt milk.

Moral Lesson: Look Before you Leap

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