Necessity is the Mother of Invention story- for Matric and F.A Students

Saif Ullah Zahid
On a hot summer day, a crow felt very thirsty. He was in search of water. He flew here and there but could find no water. At last he reached a garden and found pitcher of water under a tree. He at once happed towards it. He tried to drink from the pitcher was disappointed to find the water too low.
He tried to break the pot with its beak but could not do so. Then he tried to overturn it but it was too much for his strength. The crow was a clever and optimist. He began to think new devises. He saw a heap of pebbles nearby. He hit upon a plan.
He picked up a stone and dropped into the pitcher. He dropped some more stones one by one.  The water rose a little. Then he dropped more stones till the water level rose so high he could drink it. Thus he quenched his thirst and flew away.
Moral Lesson: Necessity is the mother of invention

       God helps those who help them selves

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