10 short Condolence messages on lost her husband

Amina Saif Ullah

 Here are 10 short sympathy message to be given on the loss of husband. You can write letter, create your sympathy card or condolence card to convey these messages. Sympathy messages for the loss of husband are here.

Short condolence  or sympathy messages

Sympathy messages are conveyed on the loss of lives, and property. There may be some accidental loss of property, business or life. You can given these messages on the death of here husband.

condolence messages on husband's death
Make sympathy cards to show you grievances to you friend or any relative who had lost here husband. These message can be changed as you wish.

10 condolence messages on husband's death

Here are the 10 message you choose one from.

1. Deepest condolence

I was shocked to hear the news of Hassan's death. This is unbelievable that he is no more with us. I find no words to express my sorrow. I can feel your pain and dejection. He was like a life to you. I pray that Allah may grant him Jannah. May his soul rest in peace. 

2. Be courageous

I feel highly grieved for you on the death of your husband. This is an unforgettable loss to your family. May his soul rest in peace.  You have three young ones to support alone now. Life has brought you to a point where you have to change yourself. Instead of losing hope, become both mother and father to your children. 

3. He was a nice guy

I still cannot believe your husband's sudden death. I met him at mall just three days ago. The laws of nature are absolute. Everyone has a fixed life duration. He was a respectful, hospitable and friendly guy. He was never harsh to anyone. I request you to bear this loss with courage.

4. I am saddest in my life

I am saddest in my life on hearing the news of your husband's death. This is huge loss to your family. I am with you through all thick and thin. Please accept my deepest condolence.

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