Letter to you friend to borrow books from him

Amina Saif Ullah

 Write a letter to your friend asking him to lend you some books in English. This is sample letter written to your friend from whom you want to borrow some books.

Letter to friend asking him to lend you books

Now the letter has been written to friend to get some books from him.

Examination Hall,
September 24, 2015

Dear Friend,


I have taken the examination of class 9th. Now I am free for 25 day before the new classes start. I have been busy in preparation for the exams and could not find time to study my favorite authors.

I know you have a nice collection of Urdu novels and books. I would like you to lend me ‘Mein Ek Jasoos Tha’ by Tariq Ismaeel Sagar and ‘Zero Point’ by Javed Chaudhary for two weeks. I want to serve to my thirst for Urdu literature.

I assure you that I will use them with care. I will return them within two weeks. I can share some of my own with you if you like. Send me these books as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

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