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Student Teacher Center is a place where helpful material like study notes, guess papers, composition, English Grammar, E-Books etc is published for the student s and teachers. The content of the blog intends to target Pakistani students and teachers but anyone in the world can access this content and use it for free in teaching and learning purposes.

The mission of Student Teacher Center is to provide helpful material, advice, and guidance to the students and teachers. Not only educational help like notes, books, etc is provided but we also write various articles and tutorial to help the teachers and the students in various ways.

My name is Saif Ullah, living in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. I am a social worker and also write on various topics. I myself am a teacher and have passion to write for the students and the teachers. I have launched this blog to provide a platform to the teachers and the students to access and download teaching/learning resources free of cost.

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